Citizens Without Borders

Citizens Without Borders, a partnership to support freedom of movement and residence rights for EU citizens and their family members                 

Citizens Without Borders is a project financed by the European Commission. It  is implemented in five countries through a European partnership, composed of six partners:

  • SOZE – Society of Citizens Assisting Emigrants (Czech Republic)
  • FASTI – Federation des Associations de Solidarité avec les Travailleur/euse–s Immigre/e/s (France)
  • GVCGruppo di Volontariato Civile
  • TRC – Teleradio City (Italy)
  • ACC -  Asociaciòn Consorcio de Cooperaciòn and Andaira (Spain)
  • APEL (Romania)

The core aim of the project is to raise awareness and improve knowledge and expertise about EU rules on freedom of movement and residence rights for EU citizens, enhancing the implementation of EU rights in accordance with the 2004/38/EC Directive.

By comparing the different access to EU citizens’ rights in the countries involved, the project defines strategies for transferring existing good practices and favorable treatment, giving special attention to the rights of family members, nomadic communities, descendants and same sex spouses.

Project target groups are composed of a plurality of subjects: not only members of staff directly working with European citizens such as public desk officials, legal practitioners, members of associations, and trade unions, but also policy makers and public authorities, and, last but not least, European citizens themselves, as they often lack points of reference and clear information about their rights when moving to another European country.