Reintegration through voluntary return programme

returnVoluntary return with provided reintegration help is the best way of
foreigner´s departure from the country, when his/her residency or social situation became unsustainable or unbearable.  The activity should provide possibility of decent return including purchase of travel tickets, and especially with reintegration help such as assistance in starting business in country of return, assistance in looking for job in country of return, requalification course, purchase of expensive tools
or just financial contribution for initial living costs.

General goal of activity is to provide social vulnerable migrants with
possibility of voluntary return, if their integration has failed and to provide
individual reintegration assistance to 30 clients during the project time

Clients are provided with explanation on the advantages and
disadvantages of voluntary return. They are informed on financial limit of
reintegration help and basic conditions of its materialisation. Project manager
will than draft out labour skills profile of client who is going to be
interviewed on his preferences on financial income generating activity in the
country of return. Statement of client is going to be made as subject of
analysis by project manager and contemplate with labour skills profile and
reports on economic and social situation in country of the return.

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